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Bootcamp review Ronnie

Hey guys,

Ronnie here. I'm a tall, handsome, fairly young (as in "still breathing") dude, who came from the cold islands of Stockholm to the canals of Amsterdam, hoping to catch some fish of my own.I flew in couple of days early, to get oriented and to see if there were any good-looking young ladies worth my effort. I must say that I wasn't disappointed.

Arnoud had the courtesy to meet me on the night before the bootcamp, to basically reassure me that we'd be taking mini steps toward our goal, in order to ease me in.The second night was a blast. Arnoud had arranged for an extra coach named Marat (those Dutches and their weird names) to ride along with me (no pun intended) and to show me - plus demonstrations - some more subtle aspects of the game.

At first we hit a very nice Jazz club werelive music was performed - f*king amazing!!! I tell ya, had it been for the music alone - I'd have settled for that! But unfortunately there were some ladies there to distract us. First off, Marat made an introduction between myself and 2 girls, one was a brunette - err..., and the other a fairly nice blonde - not someone who would have stopped traffic but still nice. I started talking with her, and – oddly enough - she didn't bite me! Next we had to move on to some fine-looking Indian girl.

Aside from those I hit on some other blonde,who didn't give a rat's ass, so I turned on her sister - where eventually I suggested to her that we'd both get up on stage, then she'd sing and I'd play? Or perhaps she'd play and I'd sing - which would've made the club go bankrupt? Or maybe we'd both play? For each of those odd suggestions she turned her entire body to me with such a big smile on her face that I was afraid she'd reach China

After having checked out all of the ladies in that club, Marat and I stepped outside for a moment where he kind of reset my point of view for the whole thing, which had me think "A-ha! That makes things a lot easier!" - then I just had to just do some crazy stuff – it was unreal.

All in all I must say, that even though I hadn't expected much from the drill-based practice described to me beforehand, Arnoud did surprise me. He had more in store for me than what seemed to have been on the table, at first. Number one, he'd walk the extra mile -which is kind of rare in and of itself, let alone for a stranger from the cold north...

Number two, he went out of his way to offerme tips pertaining his own life experience, which - I thought - would be invaluable in general, not just lady-wise. And number three, he seemed to have been able to make a pretty darn good match with the correct coach - to a specific issue I didn't even know I had to take care of, or a sticking point at the game that I had. Impressive indeed.

A very important aspect Joram was talking about, was the deeper-level stuff that would make a girl wanna stay around and choose - over again - to be by a guy's side. He mentioned the "little things", that sounded instinctively true to me, where - instead of only scratching the surface when communicating with a girl, and perhaps get somewhere - those deeper levels of communication would make all the difference in the world. Quite inspiring!

Marat was a game changer, in a way. Some things he said to me outside that club on Saturday night - helped me put the pieces together via a completely different look at the game - which - I must say - was a great relief to me because of my own nature and worldview anyway.  Plus he demonstrated to me - live, up, close and personal, how he hit on some intense lady who - I must say – looked like she could have had 10 guys like us

for breakfast - and who tried to get rid of him right from the start, saying he wasn't her type etc., but Marat stayed persistent, kept hitting on that stubborn woman - and finally she showed him some appreciation and started dancing like there was no tomorrow.

Ladies beware! There is a new "me" walking around!

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